Single Mama, Will Travel is a website for ALL single parents who want to experience adventurous, fulfilling, and memorable trips and vacations that are FUN for kids and parents.  Financial, time, and (sometimes) visitation schedule constraints can often make vacations intimidating and stressful when you are the sole adult chaperone.  The contributors to Single Mama, Will Travel are all single parents who want to share their tips, advice, and experience to help others plan amazing vacations.  There truly is nothing better than experiencing the world through your child’s eyes, so pack your bags and let’s go!

TravelingSingleMama (TSM) is a travel enthusiast who shares her passion (and vacation time) with her son, Junior Adventurer (JA).  This blog is a hobby that she pursues in the spare time when she is not being a full-time patent agent and mom, as she enjoys sharing her travel experiences with all her single mom and dad friends.  TSM and JA (currently age 10) live in Texas.

Disclaimer:  All content, including text and photos, is the property of TravelingSingleMama/SingleMamaWillTravel.wordpress.com.  The reports, suggestions, recommendations, and itineraries represent the personal experiences and opinions of individual contributors.  Unless explicitly stated, no contributors have received any financial contributions from the any of the businesses highlighted on the website.

Copyright © TravelingSingleMama 2015.  All rights reserved.


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